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Case Technologies to Enhance Literacy Learning

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The CTELL project seeks fundamental improvement in pre-service teacher education and early literacy learning. We do this through an on-going research effort to develop and study the use of multimedia cases of best practice instruction for pre-service education in early literacy. Our work is based on partnerships with teachers, schools, teacher educators, and universities.

screenshot This project uses knowledge about best practices of early literacy education to target improvements in teacher education and young children's literacy achievement. Case-based, anchored instruction using high speed, streaming video over the Internet and in CD/DVD-ROM provide a new model for pre-service teacher education, making visible the richness and complexity of best practice instruction to teacher educators, pre-service teachers, and classroom teachers.

An extensive set of studies use the digital, multimedia resources available at our site to study the use of a case-based approach to pre-service teacher education. We plan to accomplish three central objectives: (a) raise pre-service teachers' understanding of best practices of early literacy education; (b) increase pre-service teachers' use of best practices in the classroom when they first begin teaching; and (c) significantly raise young children's reading achievement.

View the Knowledge Quest article about the CTELL project here.  Click on "Case Technologies to Enhance Literacy Learning".

Please contact Donald Leu at Donald.Leu@uconn.edu and visit the CTELL website at ctell.uconn.edu for more information.



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